Catering Menu

Smoked Beef Brisket

$25 Per/Lb

Slow smoked over locally sourced cherry with a hint of Pecan and Oak for at least 15 hours and seasoned with a special blend of Texas style spices. We slice our briskets to order.

Pulled Pork

$13 Per Lb

Award winning Pork Butt that is smoked over locally sourced oak and cherry wood with a special blend of sweet and savory ingredients. We hand pull our pork to order.

Smoked Chicken Wings

$15/ Dozen

Our award winning jumbo wings smoked over oak and served with our KC style bbq sauce.

Smoked Turkey Breast

$15/ Per Lb

Slow smoked turkey breast smoked over oak and cherry rubbed with a special turkey rub.

Pork Belly Bites

$20/Per Lb

Meat Candy if you please. A part of our Fat Daddy sandwich. A taste combination of bacon and smoked ribs. Tossed in a special sauce till fork tender

Mac and Cheese

$40 Pan

A creamy childhood favorite with a little but of heat

Potato Salad 

$45/ Pan

A secret family recipe that we have been preparing for over 50 years


$30/ Pan

A wonderful addition to any sandwich. A combination of cabbages mixed  with other fresh veggies with a blend of spices and pinch of rub.

Honey Butter Cornbread

$18/ Per 12 pieces

A secret family recipe that's not too sweet and not too salty. 

Mexican Street Corn

$30/ Pan

Our version of Elote. Can be used as a dip or a side. Light and refreshing. Creamy with a little kick. Can be requested to be smoked when corn is in season.

Minimum Orders of $350.00

Minimum of 1 week notice 

Plasticware provided with orders as well as napkins.

Services Available


Drop off Catering.                                                                               Depends on Location
Slice on site.                                                                                                    $50.00
Full Service                                                                                                   $150.00

All purchases subject to Erie County and New York State Sales Tax