Catering Menu

Smoked Beef Brisket

$28 Per/LB Prime or $25/LB for Black Angus

Slow smoked over locally sourced cherry with a hint of Pecan and Oak for at least 15 hours and seasoned with a special blend of Texas style spices. We slice our briskets to order.

Pulled Pork

$15 Per Lb

Award winning Pork Butt that is smoked over locally sourced oak and cherry wood with a special blend of sweet and savory ingredients. We hand pull our pork to order.

Smoked Chicken Wings

$18/ Dozen

Our award winning jumbo wings smoked over oak and served with our KC style bbq sauce.

Smoked Turkey Breast

$16/ Per Lb

Slow smoked turkey breast smoked over oak and cherry rubbed with a special turkey rub.

Pork Belly Bites

$20/Per Lb

Meat Candy if you please. A part of our Fat Daddy sandwich. A taste combination of bacon and smoked ribs. Tossed in a special sauce till fork tender

Smoked Sausages


Our in House made sausages are made in either Medium or Hot. Medium is our Texas Standard Jalapeno Cheddar, while our Hot is Hot Pepper Jack Cheese with Jalapenos with a Creole Spice base.

Mac and Cheese

$40 Pan

A creamy childhood favorite with a little but of heat

Potato Salad 

$45/ Pan

A secret family recipe that we have been preparing for over 50 years


$30/ Pan

A wonderful addition to any sandwich. A combination of cabbages mixed  with other fresh veggies with a blend of spices and pinch of rub.

Honey Butter Cornbread

$22/ Per 12 pieces

A secret family recipe that's not too sweet and not too salty. 

Mexican Street Corn

$30/ Pan

Our version of Elote. Can be used as a dip or a side. Light and refreshing. Creamy with a little kick. Can be requested to be smoked when corn is in season.

Minimum Orders of $400.00

Minimum of 1 week notice 

Plasticware provided with orders as well as napkins.

Services Available


Drop off Catering.                                                                               Depends on Location
Slice on site.                                                                                                    $75.00
Full Service                                                                                                  $200.00

Food Trailer on Site

$500 Guarantee

All purchases subject to Erie County and New York State Sales Tax